Invoking Ma’at

Egyptians were urged to invoke the goddess Ma’at for righting wrongs and helping truth emerge from any situation. Invoking Ma’at also brings one back to the primal beginnings of earth, finding common ground, balance, and to embody righteousness.


One invocation using a feather, smudge, amethyst, ankh, and rose oil as ritual implements:

Ma’at I call upon you for the Winds of Justice. (feather and smudge)
Ma’at I ask that you let my heart be purified and may the Scales of Justice bring balance into my life.
Pick up the ankh, holding in dominate hand; the amethyst in receiving hand.
Join with Ma’at, bringing her into your mind’s eye. You may either speak, or simply think of what areas you need Ma’at to address. Make sure that you let her know how you honestly feel and give all details as best you know them. Stop and listen, and don’t disregard ideas that may come, accept all that comes to you. When you are finished bow to her and thank her.
Pick up the rose oil and anoint the third eye area saying I anoint my mind and inner eye to greater truths.
Anoint your heart saying I anoint my heart of all impurities.
Anoint your feet saying I anoint my feet to walk the paths of growth.
Anoint your hands saying I anoint my hands to work for peace and harmony.

Go forth with Ma’at in your heart and soul, working for peace, harmony and embodying righteousness.




Nut and Geb

The sky is Nut’s body, arching from horizon to horizon. Geb is the Earth, lying beneath her. During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had come closer to the earth.

“Goddess of the Infinite Night, Lady of the Starry Realm; Spread yourself over me so that I am protected beneath your reach; Guide me on my spiritual path; Allow me to access the knowledge of your infinite realm; Show me the mysteries that are exposed to all but hidden due to ignorance.”