A field of stones shaped like hearts…

“I cross an open field of stones shaped all like hearts and say to the rocks: This one shall break, and this hold the rain, and this one be still, And this other crumble and its grains of sand shall mark my passage. Beat. Beat. Beat. The power of my Self is moving. My heart. My birth. My passions. My coming into existence. The sun within warms me, my Self, my heart, my ka (spirit), the fire of god. I am my Self coming forth, a creature bearing light. My heart is a lyre that hums. I stand in the midst of celestial fire until my heart is molten gold. I dance and spin, my face flushed with heat, a circle of flesh aflame. I return to the heart afire, center of the universe, peace, unto god. I am a being of light.”

Normandi Ellis Awakening Osiris: A New Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (page xxviii)



Sir Derp Derbyshire
Guardian of the sanctuary