Donations to the Sanctuary

Our animal refuge sanctuary has received wonderful support from our community and devotees of the Iseum Sanctuary.  We would like to give special thanks to our member, Barbara, who has provided the refuge with cat supplies and food as well as supplies and food for the birds and fowl who live at the refuge sanctuary.

Also, our local market has been donating slightly wilted produce to our refuge for many years. The chickens and other birds are very appreciative!

Another member recently gifted us with fantastic animal carriers which will enable us to rescue small animals and safely transport them to the Sanctuary.

We are truly grateful for our wonderful community!

If you, the reader,  would like to donate items to our refuge sanctuary to help care for all the creatures who live here, please contact San-Aset.

In addition, if you know of creatures, animals, that are in need of a safe forever home, please contact San-Aset.

The Iseum Sanctuary is a non profit, tax deductible, 501(c)3.