Our animal refuge sanctuary has received wonderful support from our community and devotees of the Iseum Sanctuary. We received 501(c)3 status in 2017 as a public charity and therefore all donations to the Iseum Sanctuary are tax deductible.



Our ebay store has handmade jewelry and special ceremonial and spiritual supplies for sale.  The proceeds of ALL sales go to charity, supporting Sanctuaries for all living creatures.

We have handcrafted natural organic healing Smudge Sticks and Saining Smudge Bundles – all made to order. All are made from plants grown in our Sanctuaries and include various stones and crystals which are supercharged by Ankh-sen-Aset, a Reiki mistress, with considerable vibrational transference energies.

If you have furniture, household goods or furnishings that you are planning to give to charity (or put on Craigslist) consider donating gently used items to our Sanctuaries. Please contact San-Aset and we will be happy to make arrangements with you. All (tax-deductible) donations will go towards our Sanctuaries, for animals and people.

We have been working on affordable housing projects to create shared housing for very low-income people (especially seniors and veterans). Your donations go towards these projects.

Tiny house village project in Northern California:

Huge Sanctuary house under rehabilitation in Massachusetts:

Huge Sanctuary Home with attached carriage house