About the Iseum Sanctuary

The Iseum Sanctuary honors the Goddess Isis (known as Aset in Egyptian), who equates with Mother Earth, and has been worshiped longer than any other deity known on the planet. Isis/Aset has 10,000 names and incarnations in other religions and practices all over the world.

In honoring Isis/Aset we honor the Earth; recognizing the threats to our Mother, given the amount of pollution, destruction of endangered species and violence between countries and each other. We seek to establish harmony, caring, and love among all people by demonstrating the way to a more feminine perspective. We have what might be called a catma, a feline type of freedom and independence in thought stemming from the ancient wisdom of Egypt and the sacred Mau.

IMG_20171008_130253 (2)
Bastet at Sacred Burial Ground
The Sacred Derp

We generally follow the principles of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI). The FOI was established by Lady Olivia Robertson and her brother at Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland, and has tens of thousands of members in over 80 countries.

The specific purpose of the Sanctuary is to serve as place for its members as well as the public to honor the Goddess Aset and all forms of life by establishing harmony, caring, balance, and love among all people along a path to a feminine perspective. We honor the Goddess by serving as a refuge of rescue for animals, trees, flowers and people.

Those who are Priestesses, Priests, and Initiates within the Iseum Sanctuary, pledge to honor all life, and commit to help preserve and protect all nature, our Mother Earth and her people’s as well as bringing healing light and wisdom to all.