The Seven Principles of Ma’at

The Goddess Maʽat is the embodiment of the Ancient Egyptian Seven Principles of Ma’at which are Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Righteousness, Morality, and Justice. It was expected that the priests, Pharaohs and their families embody these principles, along with every member of the community.  Life was to be lived in such a way that these principles guided all actions and relationships. One who did not live, or rule and lead, by these principles was considered unfit for the position during the times Egypt’s of greatest spiritual heights.

These principles can and should reflect on our modern world. Here are the definitions:

Truth – the ability to understand the difference between the real and the unreal.  Of course, this is subject to the definition of reality.  In this interpretation, reality is grounded in the belief of the Greatest Goodness, that which permeates all that exists, that all living creatures are sacred, and all are spiritual beings deserving of respect and honor.

Justice – the state in which there is equity for all persons, for all creatures and for the planet on which all of these rely for life.  Equity means that all have equal opportunity for basic needs to be met (food, shelter, water, safety, medical care, dignity, respect, community…), to live in peace, to fully and meaningfully participate and contribute to society, to offer gifts, talents, and or essence, toward the good of the whole.

Harmony – the state of being in which different expressions of Mother Nature’s (God/Goddesses) Spirit, humans, animals, plants, etc., move together in ways that create alignment and beauty.  Each expression must be authentic and express fully all that it is created to be.  It is only through authenticity that harmony can truly be achieved, and occur naturally when each entity is being true to itself —  to it’s spiritual reality.

Balance – a state in which the internal and external environments of an individual, or group are aligned with the Goddess, Mother Nature, one another and the rest of creation.  It is the experience of existing in the place where opposites meet, the creation point, where new life is generated and new possibilities come into being.

Order – a state of being in which things are arranged in ways that are uncluttered, free of excess, clear.

Reciprocity- is the reality that what comes around, goes around. There is a motion, rhythm of cause and effect, give and take, forward and backward to every aspect of creation.

Propriety – means to be and to do what is right, according to the truth that all living creatures are spiritual beings and deserve to exist. This means to do no harm to another being, creature or aspect of the Goddess, beginning with self.

The Principles of Ma’at were an important value of the Egyptian culture.  The teachings about how to live in order to find union with the gods/higher spirit, was part of the life training of the Ancient Egyptian people from infancy onward. The purpose of this union was both for the good and benefit of the individual, but even more so for the society and the world.  Each person should live a life in which the principles of Ma’at were embodied externally as well as internally.