Upcoming Events

Schedule of events for the New Moon and Full Moon Meditations at the Oak Grove near the Shrine of the Goddess Hathor, the Sanctuary of Heku and Tree Shrine at Juniper Sanctuary for 2018:

Sept. 25    Harvest Moon
Oct. 9       New Moon
Oct. 24     Falling Leaf Moon
Nov. 7      New Moon
Nov. 22    Raccoon/Hunter’s Moon
Dec. 7       New Moon
Dec. 22     Raven Moon/Long Night Moon

Moon over Great Pyramid

Special Events/Ceremonies in the Temple and Labyrinth

Oct. 31 Bastet’s Feast Day
Dec. 21 Winter Solstice – Return of the Light
Dec. 29 Celebration of Ptah – the Lifting of Heaven

Supercharged Special Events not at the Sanctuary:

December 15th – Pre-Winter’s Solstice Event – Live Alchemy and Open Artists Collective