Upcoming Events

Schedule of events for Clergy and Initiates at our Shrines and Sanctuaries for 2021. For an invitation to the New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies please contact San-Aset and we will be happy to make arrangements with you.

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Jan. 12                        New Moon 
Jan. 28                       Coyote Moon
Feb. 11                       New Moon
Feb. 27                       Ibis Moon
March 13                   New Moon
March 28                   Planting Moon
April 11                      New Moon
April 26                      Rabbit Moon
May 11                        New Moon
May 26                         Owl Moon
June 10                        New Moon
June 24                        Doe Moon
July 9                            New Moon
July 23                          Cougar Moon
August 8                       New moon
Aug. 22                         Cat Moon
Sept. 6                           New Moon
Sept. 20                        Harvest Moon
Oct. 6                            New Moon
Oct. 20                          Hunter’s Moon
Nov. 4                          New Moon
Nov. 19                        Raven Moon
Dec. 4                         New Moon
Dec. 19                        Full Moon and Celebration of Ptah – the Lifting of Heaven
Dec. 21                        Winter Solstice – Return of the Light