Upcoming Events

Schedule of events for 2018:

Full Moon Meditations at Oak Grove near the Shrine of the Goddess Hathor, the Sanctuary of Haku and Tree Shrine at Juniper Sanctuary:

Jan. 2       Coyote Moon
Jan. 17     New Moon
Jan. 31     Great Horned Owl Moon
Feb. 15     New Moon
Mar. 2      Ibis Moon
Mar. 17    New Moon
Mar. 31     Sekhmet Cougar Moon
Apr. 16     New Moon
Apr. 30     Oak Moon
May 15     New Moon
May 29     Jasmine Moon
June 13    New Moon
June 28    Sage and Strawberry Moon
July 13     New Moon
July 27     Deer Moon
Aug. 11    New Moon
Aug. 26    Berry Moon
Sept. 9      Cat New Moon
Sept. 25    Harvest Moon
Oct. 9       New Moon
Oct. 24     Falling Leaf Moon
Nov. 7      New Moon
Nov. 23    Raccoon Moon
Dec. 7       New Moon
Dec. 22     Raven Moon/Long Night Moon

Moon over Great Pyramid

Special Events/Ceremonies in the Temple and Labyrinth

Mar. 20 Vernal Equinox
June 21 Solstice
July 30 Celebration of the Birth of Isis
Sep. 22 Autumnal Equinox
Oct. 31 Bastet’s Feast Day
Dec. 21 Winter Solstice – Return of the Light
Dec. 29 Celebration of Ptah – the Lifting of Heaven