Suggested Readings, Ancient Texts, Iseum Rituals, and Literature


Serpentine Tablet of Iseum Sanctuary
A guidebook to honoring the Goddess Aset and all forms of life to establish harmony, caring, balance, and love among all people along a path to a feminine perspective.


Halcyon Tablet of Ra
A guide for channeling the light of Ra into the mind, body and spirit; and achieving a state of heightened peace and prosperity.

Ancient Literature and Texts

The Book of the Dead

Egyptian Ideals of the Future Life

Literature of the Ancient Egyptians

Ritual Hand

Iseum Sanctuary Ceremonial Rituals, Hymns and Prayers

Hymn to Isis/Aset

The Laws and Ideals of Ma’at

Prayer to Osiris – Day of the Dead

Daily Blessing

Full Moon Ceremony

Hathor’s Mirror Full Moon Ritual

Invocation of Bastet

From the Papyrus of Ani