Prayers to Nut, the Sky Goddess

Prayer to the Goddess Nut found at the entrance to Hatshepsut’s tomb:

“O my mother Nut, spread yourself over me, so that I may be placed among the imperishable stars and may never die…that my name might remain enduring in this temple forever and ever.

Utterance 432 – the Pyramid Texts (written circa 2500 BCE):

O Great One who became Sky,
You are Strong, you are Mighty.
Every place is filled with Your Beauty.
The whole world lies beneath you. You possess it!
As you enfold the whole Earth and all things in Your arms, enfold me too.
Make me an Indestructible Star in your Body.


Nut was the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and is considered one of the oldest deities among the Egyptian pantheon. Her origins begin at the beginning, in the creation story of Heliopolis. Nut was said to be the mother of five key gods: Osiris (initially the ruler of the gods and then the lord of the underworld), Aset (goddess of nature and magic), Set (god of warfare and destruction),  Nephthys (goddess of water and funeral rites) and Horus the Elder ( the sky god whose face was visualized as the face of the sun).

Nut was originally the Goddess of the Night Sky, but eventually became referred to as simply the Sky Goddess. Being Goddess of the Heavens, she is the one that receives the souls of all good people into the heavenly abode after their earthly transition.

One story of Nut is how she would swallow the Sun God Re at sunset and then give birth to him again the next day at dawn. Nut is also the Goddess that swallows the stars and gives them the gift of rebirth.

“I am Nut, and I have come so that I may enfold and protect you from all things evil.”

Nut preparing to swallow the Sun

Nut represents the divider point between the universal forces of chaos and the ordained cosmos of this world. The ancient Egyptians believed that her fingers touched the four cardinal points of the heavenly sky – North, South, East and West.

Nut and Geb

According to the Ancient Egyptian calendar, February 1st (Rekh Neds 18) is a Very Favorable Day as “It is the feast of Nut, who counts the days.