Our Community

The Iseum Sanctuaries are congregations of kindred spirits worshiping and communing in peace, balance, and harmony. Our Sanctuaries have temples, worship spaces, clergy quarters, meditation gardens, labyrinths, and animal refuges.

The Iseum Sanctuary Headquarters is located in an unincorporated area of Marin County, California, adjacent to the sensitive wildlife area of San Pedro Mountain. The Iseum Sanctuary Mansion is located in North Quabbin Massachusetts in a lovely area filled with rivers, lakes and trees. Another Sanctuary is located in Clearlake Oaks, California. We also have desert Sanctuaries in Southern California; with one adjacent to the Integratron, near the mysterious and magical Giant Rock. Our Sanctuaries are havens for all living creatures.

Iseum Sanctuary Mansion c.1858

One of our current projects is the renovation of a very old, very large mansion (see above) to provide low and no-cost housing for seniors, veterans, and others in need.

We honor ancient beliefs and expand upon them in connection to our home, our planet. Our clergy feel divinely guided to find, build and manifest Sanctuary communities.