Iseum Staff and Clergy

Reverend Sandra Fawn, “San-Aset,” Honorary Doctor of Divinity, The Monastery; BS/BA Summa Cum Laude Dominican University, 1999. Studied Egyptology and Radionics in Egypt with Dr. Khalil Messiha, 1993-94; Esoteric studies with Dr. Charles Muses, aka “Musaios,” 1992-95; Researcher and writer specializing in Religion and Ancient History.

Reverend Timm-Amun-Ra, Honorary Doctor of Divinity, The Monastery; software architect and engineer, solar and off-grid living designer; researcher of ancient religions and esoteric science.

Priestess Ne-Maat, Minister/Monastery, natural health and wellness provider, helper of the community, esoteric science educator and assistant editor of the Halcyon Tablet.

Wall Relief Kom Obo
Priestess Bast-Ma, Minister/Monastery, our “cat whisperer,” coordinates the rescue and care of cats in need, able to tame and sooth the most feral of felines; oversees the care and feeding of the cats living in our sanctuary.