Refuge of Rescue

The Iseum Sanctuaries are refuges of rescue. We rescue animals, trees, flowers and people from harm because they are all part of the Great Mother as well as oneself.  The harmony of all beings, all nature, when understood and recognized gives one, and the All, benefit of all spiritual realms.

We believe that if you become the kind and gentle soul friend of a special animal, he/she acts as intermediary with all of his kind. For example, as you befriend a snake, the rest will not bite you.

Twice a year we have special meditation ceremonies during the Full Ibis Moon and the Cat Moon. During these ceremonies, we meditate upon ‘who is your soul friend’ among – plants – trees – insects – reptiles – birds – animals – and so forth. The Iseum Sanctuary mandates loving the creatures around you through all senses: see the beauty of all; touch the rough bark of a tree or the soft fur of a cat; taste the divine nutrients of nature; smell the flowers and herbs; hear the call of birds and the purr of a cat; and feel the connection with the All, revel in the intuitive sixth sense as you touch the cosmic rhythm.


One of the Iseum’s sacred cats

Every time you send forth healing for all, or for one animal or plant, you change the world around you.