Tiny Home Village – Refuge of Rescue

We have a vision to create very affordable housing in lovingly created and creative homes located in natural park-like settings. We are currently building tiny homes on foundations at our Northern California Iseum Sanctuary to provide permanent housing for those in need. Please help us manifest this vision!

Tiny house village project in Northern California:

The Iseum Sanctuary provides sanctuary, spirituality, safety and harmony. We shelter and care for all living things – animals, flora, fauna, and people.

Our Sanctuary store contains special handmade ceremonial and spiritual supplies such as our VEGAN Crystal Healing Smudge Kits with one of a kind Manzanita Burl stands! Our ebay store has many special items for sale and 100% is donated to charity.

Iseum Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 charity and therefore all donations to our Sanctuaries are tax deductible.

We believe that if you become the kind and gentle soul friend of a special animal, he/she acts as intermediary with all of his kind. For example, as you befriend a snake, the rest will not bite you.


Every time you send forth healing for all, or for one person, animal or plant, you change the world around you.