Hymn to Ma’at and Cosmic Balance

Ma’at was and is the Goddess of truth, justice, wisdom, the stars, law, morality, order, harmony, the seasons, and cosmic balance.

Some of her Epithets are Beloved Daughter of Ra, She of the beautiful face, Controller of seasons, Food of the Gods, Lady of Heaven and Queen of Earth.  As “The food of the Gods,” Ma’at was considered the nourishment of the Gods and Goddesses. Ma’at was offered to the Gods in temple rituals, along with the offerings of food, drink and incense.

Ma’at From the Tomb of Seti I

In our modern world, with all the chaos and unbalance around us, meditating on Ma’at may be beneficial and uplifting. Please consider when offering food and drink to Ma’at during events (Full Moon and New Moon), that as we as priests, priestesses and initiates partake of the offering, we are eating that which was blessed by Ma’at and therefore bringing her into our bodies and lives.

Hymn to Ma’at

Praise to you, Ma’at, daughter of Ra,
consort of god, whom Ptah loves,
The one who adorns the breast of Thoth, who
fashioned her own nature,
foremost of the souls of Heliopolis;
Who pacified the two falcon gods through her good will,
filled the Great Sanctuary with life and dominion;
Skilled one who brought forth the gods herself
and brought low the heads of enemies;
Who herself provides for the house of Atum, the Lord over All
Brings daily offerings for those who are on duty and in need.

Magnificent her throne before the Judges of the Righteous
and it is She who consumes those who are not of Ma’at.

~ From the temple of Amun at El-hibis in the Kharga Oasis