In Honor of Weneg, Mediator of the Gods and Pillar of the Sky

Weneg, also known as Uneg, was an Ancient Egyptian God first referenced during the Old Kingdom period (c. 2600 BCE). He was revered as a god of fertility, agriculture, and the renewal of life. The name Weneg translates to “the one who endures” or “the one who is firm,” and he was believed to hold up the sky and maintain order between the heavens and the earth.

Miriam Lichtheim wrote about Weneg in her book Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume II: The New Kingdom. She noted that:

“Weneg, who holds up the sky and maintains the order of the universe, is the just mediator between the gods in their disputes. The concept of Ma’at, the order of the universe, was crucial to the Egyptians, and Weneg’s role in upholding that order was highly valued.”


Also, according to Lichtheim, Weneg was closely associated with Horus and was regarded as one of the many forms that Horus could take. “The falcon god of Hierakonpolis was identified with the Horus of the south and known as Weneg. Like Horus, he represented the principle of royal power, and his worship at Hierakonpolis, one of the earliest centers of kingship in Egypt, probably antedated the unification of the country.”

The Book of the Dead contains a number of references to Weneg. In one passage, the deceased invokes Weneg as a source of strength and protection:

Homage to thee, O Weneg, who art in thy cavern! I have come to thee, that I may be strengthened by thee. Give me protection, O thou who art in thy cavern, and grant that I may be alive like unto thee!

A prayer in the temple of Karnak pays homage to Weneg and asks for his protection and guidance:

Hail to you, Weneg, lord of the sky! You who hold up the heavens and maintain the order of the universe. Protect us from harm and guide us on our path. May we always live in accordance with the principles of Ma’at, and may your presence be with us always.

Even to this day, Weneg is honored and venerated as an important deity, associated with Ma’at, and maintaining the balance of the cosmos.

Hail, Weneg, thou who stabilizes the barque of Ra, who holdest up the heavens and maintainest the earth, hear thou my prayer! Protect me and my loved ones from harm, and guide us ever toward Ma’at. May thy strength and wisdom be ever present in our lives, O Weneg, and may we always be worthy of thy protection and favor!