Community of Kindred Spirits


Let the Spirit Move you!

The Iseum Sanctuary is a performance space, art gallery, meditation retreat, health information center, animal sanctuary, and a forum for ideas and exchanges. We embrace counterculture, alternative lifestyle, and spiritual practices of all beliefs. The Iseum is Universal in scope, perhaps not “mainstream,” but who truly wants to be mainstream?  Do you?

My Mau Cat licks my hand as I write this as if to say, “YES, I am with you, I am yours and you are mine.” Perhaps this is an example of acceptance, love, between creatures and humans – why should one be above the other?

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Re and the Deer

We wish to welcome YOU!  Join our community and Sanctuary. We welcome your artistic, eclectic, spiritual, physical, and any other contribution – since you are part of the whole, and part of this preternatural reality.

ALL are welcome.

San Aset