Prayer to Thoth – Daily Prayer of Adoration

Prayer to Thoth – Daily Ritual Prayer of Adoration

O you gods in Heaven,
O you gods on Earth!

You Southerners, Northerners,
Westerners, Easterners,

Come and behold Thoth,
how He shines forth in His crown
which the two lords in Hermopolis have set in place for Him,
in order that He may perform the governance of mankind.

Exalt in the hall of Geb over what He has done!
Adore Him, exalt Him, give Him praise.

He is the lord of kindliness,
the leader of the entire multitude!

Then follow a promise of Thoth that for all gods who will thus praise Him,
Thoth will furnish their chapels and their altars in their temples,
and for a prayer of the scribe
that Thoth may give him a house and possessions and sustenance;

He is to cause that he be loved and praised,
and pleasant and protected with all his people
and that his enemies be overthrown.

Thoth in his Baboon Form

Magical Spell (Heku):

May you strike down my male and female enemies, dead and living.
These are to be spoken by a person when they have offered to Thoth,
– justifying a person against enemies in the council of every god and every goddess!
For He is the chief of every god and every goddess,
this being what the great council of gods has decreed for Him.

Translated by Parkinson, and L. Jackson