Blessings of Healing and Protecting Animals

These Wildlife Blessings are inspired by the Fellowship of Isis’ “Autumn: Litany of the Earth.” It spreads blessings to all animals through eight deities that relate directly to living animals and their dwelling places. In these blessings, we focus on the deities of animals relating to Ancient Egypt.

Blessings of Healing, Strengthening and Protecting Animals:

Blessed be, in the name of Astarte [who arrived in ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty and was the goddess of with horses and all hoofed ones.] May the daughter of Ra, the brightness of Astarte illuminate the path of each hoofed animal.

Princely chariot from Histoire de l'art égyptien (1878) by

Blessed be, in the name of Bastet, the Cat Goddess, the Beautiful Feline, Mistress of night-dwelling animals, feared and adored, hunting, crawling, flying or four-legged. May her beauty dwell in each wild one.Egyptian-cat-statue-Bastet

Blessed be, in the name of Hathor, the Golden Cow, all animals inhabiting this Earth. May her abundant milk nourish each one, bringing strength, power and life.


Blessed be, in the name of Min, Lord of the earth, joy, protection, and fertility; all animals that walk upon you, in every forest or desert. May your power inhabit each one.


Blessed be, in the name of Sekhmet, Solar Lioness, Goddess of Midday, Mistress of Vengeance, protector of all females, and all wild creatures that cannot be tamed by man. May your claw and strength dwell in each one.


Blessed be, in the name of Horus, Falcon God, Lord of the Sky, whose Eyes are the Sun and the Moon, who oversees all birds and beasts, all wild and untamed. May the strength and power of the Sun and Moon illuminate and inhabit each one.


Blessed be, in the name if Hatmehit, foremost of the inundation and of fish, protector of sea life, aquatic animals, and all that inhabit the oceans, from the deeps to the corals. May the power, mystery and strength of the sea be in each one.

Goddess Hatmehit
Blessed be, in the name of Neith, the Lady of Night, Mistress of Weaving and Queen of the Spiders; all animals called ghastly, ugly and despised, all insects, creeping animals, and those who dwell within the Earth. May your intelligence and abilities be the guide for each one.


May all the blessings of the eight wildlife deities reach each of the Earth’s inhabiting animals, bringing healing, strengthening and protection to each one of them. So be it, let it be so!


Allow the work of healing, strengthening and protection for the animals to be done, as well as carrying out the work of blessing for the animals that need healing and blessings from a distance.

A suggestion for a daily blessing on the animals in their care:
Make the sign of the Ankh with your hands on the animal and say: Blessed be you, in the name of the eight wildlife deities and in the name of Mother Earth, Aset (Isis). So be it, let it be so!61e260f1f467e42601fd4f812cb1b868