Winter Solstice 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you all with many Blessings of the Season! We hope you are warm by your hearth and have joy in your hearts as you gather and share time with your kindred spirits, both human and animal friends. Speaking of animal friends, Re my large feline companion has just blessed and messed my computer with his wet muddy paws. Re needed to provide his input while I write!

The following is a Winter Solstice rite inspired by Lady Olivia Robertson.

Winter Solstice Star Rite

We invoke the Mother of the Stars, Great Goddess of the Sky, Nut, the Mother of all life and the one who receives all Spirits.

Oracle of Nut:

“If you would find me, look within yourself. Within you is space and time and all the stars that are. There is no star within my being that echoes not some hope, some dream, within each creature held within my Self. There is no distance in me, no separation: am I not the Void of Space? All moves with perfect accord within my blackness: and in my manifestation is there Light.

Feel no fear. My life is eternal and so therefore all that have been, that are, that shall be, are my children. When you think – you reflect my thoughts; and when you feel, you know the beating of my heart. The breath of Life is mine and through this you live. Yet each of you is unique: if you were not so, you would not exist! Not one flower is like another. For in me is perfect Origin. Show forth my grace in your ideas and work, in individual particularity. For why should I hold in my embrace so many stars, if only one would do. Laugh! I am too great for solemnity: too mighty for analysis – yet none of my children may be belittled. In my laughter is heard the happy music of the constellations.”

Please share in the Winter Star ritual with invocations and the offering of incense. Invoke a Sky or Star Deity for inspiration.

Hail to the Divine Lady of the River of Heaven Nut, whose starry body forms the Rainbow Bridge, the Milky Way, we invoke you. All creatures adore you, Self-created Being, who gave birth to Nature, and whom Light and Darkness, encircle with eternal music.

Hail Divine Mother Neith in all her mysteries.
To Neith who bears the bow and the shaft.
you are the red crown, the guardian of the northern lands;
yours is the strength that supports the vaulted sky,
that forbids it crashing mightily to earth.

Hail Sopdet the Goddess of the Sirius star, daughter of Isis. And when the Sirius Star has brought the summer round, and the Nile rises fast and full along the thirsty ground, you bless us. Great Sirius, the mighty Sun Beneath Orion’s belt.

Hail Wenet, Lunar Goddess of Creativity. Wenet who provides the greatest of the spirits within, Wenet who is among the Imperishable Stars and will not perish. One who provides safety to the gods.

All reverence to Isis, the Great Maiden, Divine Daughter, the daughter of Heaven and of Earth. We invoke Isis:

O Isis, Beautiful in All Thy Names,
We call Thee with the breath of our bodies,
We call Thee with the beat of our hearts,
We call Thee with the pulse of our lives,
We call Thee with the words of our mouths,
We call Thee with the thoughts of our minds.
We call Thee Power and Life and Creation.
We call Thee, Isis, Isis, Isis!

Meditate on the deity(s) chosen for inspiration. When inspiration has been received, offer dedication to aid the cosmic purpose.

Give thanks to the Deities for Inspiration!


Our tiny cabin (home) village project is finally being restarted after a lengthy and completely unnecessary delay. More than four years ago, we were sued by a large financial institution (who shall remain unnamed) which claimed that they had the right and title to our Woodlands Sanctuary property in Northern California. After four years of litigation, the final ruling was in our favor and it was ruled that the financial institution didn’t even have the lowest standard of evidence for their claim. We did not have any loans with the financial institution or any sort of contractual obligations with them. Our mere presence next to a foreclosed property owned by them was sufficient cause for the financial institution to file a lawsuit claiming their lien somehow extended to our property, a completely separate parcel. We were harassed for four years due to this action by the financial institution which consumed our time and resources to defend our title. The great news is that the title has been absolutely secured and the property is additionally protected in perpetuity by a sanctuary and conservation easement. We are truly blessed by Ma’at, the Goddess of Justice, to have defeated a monstrous entity!

We are now beginning (weather permitting) the site preparation needed to continue the construction of more tiny cabins in the Spring.

Now that we are safe and the Sanctuary is permanently secured, we are moving forward in our mission help people and provide sanctuary space in which to live. I am very pleased to report that one of our newer members and Devotee of Aset is now staying at the Woodlands Sanctuary and being trained to watch over the property and care for all of our animals. We have additional members who have expressed interest in living at the sanctuary in a tiny cabin. Over the last year we have provided a home for several marginally housed members. We intend to have more tiny cabins completed by the Summer or Fall to provide transitional housing as well as permanent housing for our members and especially those who need a safe, secure and peaceful living environment.


The Iseum Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious charity, receives donations primarily from the proceeds of sales of three online jewelry and spiritual supply shops. These are:

Many of the jewelry items are made to order at our workshops located onsite in our Sanctuaries. All of our saining smudge bundles are freshly harvested and made from the herbs and flora grown at our Sanctuaries. All proceeds of the sales go to supporting our nonprofit Sanctuaries and to helping those in need.


At the Solstice consider meditating with Turquoise and/or Garnet.

Turquoise is the sea-green stone of the ancients. It represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient people believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love.

Garnet is the bright red crystal of passion and is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history. It is the embodiment of the energies of fire, passion, creativity, and strength.

You can hold your crystals and meditate on passion or protection. What passions will be coming to light in the Solstice? What protection do you need during the cold of the Winter? Perhaps focus on one thing you really want. Let it bloom!


We seek the divine order of Ma’at. Holy Ma’at whose feather lightly upholds truth and justice throughout the universe, we call to you. May you dwell with us as we gather, protect us with your outstretched wings and help us find harmony and peace.

Joy and Blessings,