Honoring the Deities of the Days

There are well over 1500 Ancient Egyptian Deities and we wish to honor a a deity of each day.

Starting with January 1, 2022, we honor Thoth, the God of writing and wisdom, truth and integrity, who seems more than appropriate to be our first deity of the day.

Thoth was one of the most important deities in the Egyptian pantheon. He was recognized and worshiped from the Predynastic Period (6000-3150 BCE) on to the Ptolemaic Dynasty (323-30 BCE), the last to rule Egypt. Thoth was originally a lunar god, son of Atum (Ra) but later texts represent him as the son of Horus. Thoth is depicted in some texts as a baboon but mostly we recognize him as a man with the head of a graceful ibis holding a writing implement. He is credited with inventing writing and was the record-keeper of the Gods.

Thoth was known as “Lord of Time” and “Reckoner of Years” because he marked the passage of time and, through the powerful magic of his divine knowledge of words, gave the Pharaoh a long reign so he could maintain order on earth. He was the patron god of libraries and of scribes. In every story told of him, Thoth is the divine friend and benefactor of humanity who gave people understanding through the gift of the written word. One of his consorts was Seshat, daughter or wife, who was his female counterpart and also patron deity of libraries and books.


For January 2, 2022, we honor Thoth’s other consort, Nehmetawy. She was a protector Goddess whose name means “She Who Embraces Those in Need.” Here, at our Sanctuaries, appreciating and honoring a Goddess who embraces those in need is completely in line with our mission to help those in need! If any of our friends and members need assistance, please contact me!

And we thank Thoth and Nehmetawy for their wisdom!