Springtime at the Northern California Sanctuary

As the weather grows a little warmer and there is more light during the day, the population of birds swell and their sounds echo throughout our Northern California Sanctuary. With the coming of Spring there is a proliferation of bird species of all types, ranging from blue jays to robins, hawks to owls, ducks to wild turkeys, woodpeckers and more. It can be quite a cacophony at times, both day and night, with the gobbling of the turkeys, quacking of ducks, screaming kee-eeeee-arr of the hawks, hoots of the great horned owls and screeches of barn owls.


Birds played a vital role in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians and were omnipresent in Ancient Egyptian culture and religion. Those birds included ducks, ibises and geese as well as eagles, vultures and falcons, not to mention the ostriches and herons.


Some birds lived in the wilds along the Nile River while others were domesticated. Just as the Nile and its annual flood brought agricultural bounty to Egypt, the waters also provided a haven for millions of birds migrating between Europe, Asia and Africa each Spring and Fall. The migration and habitation of such huge numbers of birds greatly influenced the lives of Ancient Egyptians who saw these feathered visitors as living symbols of fertility, life, and regeneration. Birds reflected a cycle of life and death. The Ancient Egyptians believed that all life emerged from an egg (the womb) which was symbolized by great eggs – the ostrich or goose. At the end of life, they were buried in a coffin, which was also called an egg, creating a never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth based on bird imagery.


The soul of the deceased was shown as a human-headed bird which represents an individual’s quest for eternal contact with the world of the living. Many of the gods took the form of birds with their magical ability to soar through the sky and follow the path of the life-giving sun.

Plant your Seeds

As Spring arrives, there is new life and a wonderful opportunity to be with Nature. The bay, cedar and juniper trees are flourishing and growing; the lavender is beginning to blossom and the rosemary is in full bloom. These bounties of nature are what we use in our Saining (smudge) bundles as well as being ingredients in our Kyphi incense. Now is a good time to plant some seeds – we just planted a new bed of sage.


Planting seeds and watching new life emerge is a blessing! Look up what will grow best in your climate and temperature and consider gardening. Work with the space you have (even just a kitchen windowsill) and plan your gardening accordingly: flowers, herbs, vegetables, drought tolerant succulents, or perhaps a tree you will nurture over the years. Plant what you hope to see blossom. If you plant vegetables, don’t expect to get fruit. The same goes for intentions and mindset: if you plant negative seeds such as, “I probably won’t get the job” or “I’m not good enough,” then how can you expect something positive and abundant to grow? You can use plants as a physical reminder of your journey and intentions.

Prayer – Credo to Mother Nature 
We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Aset!