“The Gifts of the Creatures” in honor of Amun-Ra

From the Papyrus Leiden I 350
Stanza VI The Gifts of the Creatures to God

Every region is in awe of You, even those in the Underworld praise Your Majesty;
Your name is exalted, powerful, and mighty,
The waters of the Euphrates and the circling Ocean are in awe of You;
Hapy, [the Nile-God], makes offerings to You when He arrives on Earth
And among the islands in the Great Green Sea [Mediterranean Sea].
Deserts and Mountains descend to you,
And fertile lands come to You full of wonder,
Every rebel and unrighteous country is in fear of You,

The people of Punt (Nubia) come to You,
And the God’s Land [Punt/Nubia] blossoms for love of You;
Ships are brought to You, full of gums and resins,
To make Your Temple festive with the fragrant aromas of festival,
The incense trees, and abundance of myrrh
which waft to You sweet odors to mingle with Your breathing;
The bees make the honey for You,
How pleasing is the taste of such sweetness.
There are oils and aromatic roots mixed with resins
to distill the unguents which are put about Your body,
Perfumes for Your forehead, frankincense and perfumes for Your hair.

Amun-Ra, Ram Statue at Karnak Temple

The cedar trees grow tall for You
To decorate your sacred boat.
The mountains make the stones flow down for You,
To elevate the gates of Your Temple,
Nile ships and ships of the open sea are out on the waters
laden and headed for Your presence.

The Nile River flows north and the North wind blows toward the south,
Bringing offerings to Your Spirit with everything there is;
There is no God who is so far-reaching as You,
The entire Earth is Your domain.

circa 1900 BCE