Remembrance, Souls & Cats

For many of us, as the days grow colder and darker it is a time of reflection, remembrance and also respect for those who are on the other side of the veil. We celebrate this time with contemplative walks and decorating our sanctuaries with candlelight, the scents of lavender and rosemary, and fires in the hearth. Our larger sanctuaries on the East Coast and West Coast are blessed with wonderful  hearths, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves that radiate heat and goodwill. The flames are mesmerizing as we sit and remember loved ones who have passed on, as well as those who have been significant in the creation of our sanctuaries.

And of course there are cats – who seem to know just where to go in order to remind us that it is quite necessary to worship them on a daily basis!


This evening, the members of the North Quabbin Sanctuary walked over to the old Central Cemetery where the builders of our Sanctuary are buried. On this evening, after the frivolity of Hall-o-ween, we celebrated All Souls Night, All Souls Day and Día de los Muertos. We visited the grave (monolith) of the Kilburns who built our magnificent sanctuary in 1850. They were prominent members of the community as well as spiritualists, members of the Universalist Church.


A flowering plant was laid at their monument and other members of the sanctuary sat in meditation in the middle of the cemetery. There was a gentle mist and it was warm for November 1st in New England. As our group started to leave the cemetery, we decided to visit the other large memorial at the other end. We were surprised to see a happy creature rolling around, not at the base of the monument, but ON the base of the monument; a lovely little fellow, all in black with white boots and a white bib.  He greeted me with a delighted meow and came over to be admired and petted (in the middle of a very old cemetery, in the light rain, far from any homes).

Re stands guard at our West Coast Woodland Sanctuary on Halloween and “Boots” poses on the memorial in the old Central Cemetery near the North Quabbin Sanctuary.

All Souls are out this evening and it seems that the cats are having a great time  accompanying them.

Blessed be!