October 29th, a very Favorable Day

As written in the Cairo Papyrus Ancient Egyptian Calendar, October 29 is the last day of the month and a very favorable day. It is the day of the Houses [Temples] of Re and of Osiris.

The presiding Priestess of the Sanctuary recently had a dream which is the theme of today’s worship.

The community stands independently upon their own stars, throughout the Sanctuary, finding the boundaries. Each holds a branch; the branches show the boundaries as well as the strength of each.

M3 – Branch
Aa1 X1 D54 – Strength Eternal

There are the boundaries of the Sanctuary, boundaries of truth, and boundaries of the Iseum. When each branch is placed next to the other, to create a huge bundle, it is unbreakable.

We need to remember this strength, eternal strength, the strength and immensity of the stars guiding us, as well as the strength and spirit of our animal companions who share our branches.

We build our altars with these branches and welcome new branches upon our altars.

Blessed be the boundaries of protection and the open nature of all who are welcome within these sacred boundaries.