The Tears of the Sun

According to ancient Egyptian myth, bees grew from the tears of the sun god Ra when they fell to earth and landed in the desert. The bee was seen as the messenger of the gods coming to earth to provide a secret message. The honeybee was one of the key royal symbols used for over … Continue reading The Tears of the Sun

Prayer to Osiris – Day of the Dead

A dedication to those who have left the mortal realm and are traveling through the veil today to visit the living; it is the "Day of the Dead." Prayer for removing displeasure from the heart of the god against the deceased person The deceased shall say, "Wash away my sins, Lord of Truth; destroy my … Continue reading Prayer to Osiris – Day of the Dead

October 29th, a very Favorable Day

October 29 is the last day of the month and a very favorable day. It is the day of the Houses [Temples] of Re and of Osiris.