First Visit to the Iseum Sanctuary

Upon arrival at the Iseum Sanctuary, one sees an old wooden gateway. As you walk through the gate and down the pathway, there is nothing too obvious about this being a Temple. However, one then begins to see standing stones and sculptures which give indication that this site may be something rather different.

Down the hill and across a bridge, there stands a Labyrinth. It is a simple 3-circuit Ankh design. The Labyrinth is centered around a tree that presents two paths, but it has only one opening serving as both an entrance and an exit. The Labyrinth is surrounded by luscious native plants, nurtured gardens and growing redwood trees. It is a visual spectacle that brings you closer to nature but also gives you a sense of community and the past. Everything around the Ankh walkway is natural or untouched; and the Labyrinth presents itself as an organic human construct that is being sculpted overtime.