Sekhmet-Bastet Goddess of Fire

With great concern over the continued and growing fires around us, the Goddess Sekhmet comes to mind. She is recognized in many ways, and predominately around creating and putting out Fires. Here are some of her Divine Names from the Hymns of the Temple of Horus at Edfu:

Eye of Ra
Fire-breathing Lion
Lady of protection Who surrounds Her creator
You Who illumine the Double Land with Your flame
You give the faculty of sight to all
Lady of Flame
Great of Flame
Great of Terror
She Who protects with Her Flame
the One Who makes every eye to see, without blindness happening
when She rise, the Light appears
when She go back, Darkness comes
She Who clothes Her Master in Her Light
She Who conceals Him inside Her pupil
Ardent Flame
She Who lights a fire, when She took the torch
She Whose flame is well-respected among mankind
She Who causes Her flame to rise
She for Whom the two skies open at once after She shows Herself in splendor
Lady of Slaughter
the One Who turns Her face toward the south, the north, the west, and the east, in such a way that mankind is in fear
She Who enters in the opening of the mountains
She from Which the flame fills for Ra the Double Land
She Who fashions Her Lord on Herself
She Whose place is preeminent in front of Him
the One Who spreads out Your(King’s) terror upon everything
the One Who has been asked for life by those who rest in Your (King’s) hand
Eater of blood
the One Who does not push away the arm’s grip
the One Who establishes Her domination in the House of the Gods
Lady of Light
the One Who is in Her moment of rage
She Who grasps hearts for Herself
Lady of Life Who awards according to Her desire
She Who presides over the country
Lady of Vegetation
Generous One
Sekhmet who protects the Double Land
the Curled One
Lady of Obscurity
the One Who moves in light
Preeminent in the Mansion of Fire
the One Who loves Maat
She Who detests unrighteousness


HYMN TO THE GODDESS SEKHMET from the “House of Flame” the south-west chapel of the Sanctuary of Hathor at Dendera.
(cfr. Dendera III 164-165)

Salutations to You, O Eye of Ra in the Palace,
the Uraeus Whose fire is great,
Sekhmet the Great,
the Uraeus of Ra,
She Who protects all the Gods,
the Lady of the golden sistrum and of the faience,
the Lady of the the sistrum of turquoise,
the Lady of drunkenness,
the Lady of bread,
the Lady of beer,
we sacrifice cattle and geese for Her,
the Uraeus Lady of Punt,
we fumigate with incense for Her,
we sacrifice geese and oryxes for Her,
the Beautiful One,
the Lady of honey and of the grape juice,
we satisfy Her ‘Ka’-spirit, it is the truth,
She is the Sovereign of the spirits messengers, She Who sends the spirits messengers, and They do not seize Her citizens,
the Lady of the Sky and the Sovereign of the Earth,
the Eye of Ra on His head,
the Lady of transformations on the forehead of Him Who created Her,
the Shining Uraeus and the Lady of the Horizon,
the Powerful One and the Beloved One of Ptah,
the Female Who raises an army,
the Sovereign in the Sky, no one is equal to Her,
Life and Death are under Her authority,
the Daughter of Ra, She is His double,
the Wife Who leads the husbands,
the Beautiful Maiden of Ra,
no one opposes Her among the Gods,
She is the Queen of the Sky, of the Earth, and of the NetherWorld, of waters and hills,
there is no region that does not know Her name.
Gods and Goddesses are worshipping You,
the crew of Ra is Your retinue.
May Mut, Sekhmet, Bastet, Uadjet, and Shesemtet protect the beloved of Hathor the Lady of Dendera.

Dendera Temple

HYMN TO THE GODDESS SEKHMET-BASTET from the Temple of the Hathor at Dendera.
(cfr. Dendera III 184-185)

Sekhmet-Bastet, She Who has Power over the host of beings,
Sekhmet the Daughter of the Great God Ra,
the Brilliant One,
the Powerful One,
the Fierce One,
the Shining One,
the Appeased Lady of Offerings,
the Lady of Transformations on the forehead of Ra Who begot Her,
the Only Uraeus of many faces Who overthrows or Who gives Life to him who is under Her dominion,
Her Divine Emissaries act in accordance with what She says

This is a time for reflection and contemplation of Sekhmet, the fierce Fire Goddess; with prayers that the benevolent face of Bastet will come forth soon to take control of the fires.

Hieroglyphics, Dendera Temple (Temple of Hathor), Dendera, Egypt
Hieroglyphics, Dendera Temple (Temple of Hathor)