The Book of Heku

Heku (Hekau) is a type of magic that Egyptian priestesses and sorcerers performed in the ancient Egyptian religion. The Heku energy came from the powers of the gods/goddess Heka, Hu, and Sia – all representative of the natural world, birth and re-birth. Generally, Hekua is seen as the Ancient Egyptian reverence for language and knowledge. Words were regarded as sacred, and therefore their utterance was placed under the principles of divination. In the Book of the Dead, Chapter XXIV, the deceased was given a knowledge of Hekau (the “words of power”).

Heku/Hekau comes up in common translations in Egyptology, such as in the term Weret Hekau, which means “she who has great magic.” Hathor and Aset, and the other goddesses, were considered Werethekau. In other translations, Weret Hekau was an Ancient Egyptian Goddess in her own right. She was the personification of magical and supernatural powers. Also, as a deity dedicated to protection, she often appeared on funerary objects, particularly weapons, to allow the deceased to protect him or herself against the dangers of the underworld. She was invoked to protect pregnant and nursing mothers.


Her power was one of the inherent qualities of the Crowns of Egypt. As Goddess of the crowns she was a snake or a lion-headed woman and dwelt in the Pharaoh’s sanctuary. As the wife of Re she is depicted with his solar disk on her head. Weret Hekau was often a phrase used to describe other goddesses, Aset (Isis), Sekhmet, Hathor, and more.

The Heku magical form is usually vocalized in songs, hymns, poems, prayers, and, of course, enchantments. Many of these magical words and vocalizations can be found in the Book of the Dead.

One of our Shrines is known as Heku’s Cove. This Shrine is a huge stone circle in an area sacred to Native Americans.  Many of our Sanctuaries and Shrines are located where Ancient/Indigenous people lived. There is power in place, and in places; as well as in vocalized songs, sounds of nature, and harmony with the natural world

Blessed be!