New Moon Ritual

Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that originated in Egypt, and other ancient civilizations, where moon worship was a part of the culture. The phases of the moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. Participating in the phases of the moon was seen as a sacred and necessary part of every cycle.

In our Sanctuary, we have a Full Moon and New Moon ritual each month.  Sometimes we are blessed with a “Blue Moon” and are able to have two full moon rituals in a month. Moon rituals carry sacredness and a enlightened primal practice into the modern world. This is something we need in our modern “technology focused” way of life, and when life itself is often filled with challenges, heartbreak, and despair.

During the New Moon, the sun and moon come into alignment; when the masculine (Re) energy of the sun merges with the feminine (Isis/Aset) essence of the moon. When this happens, it is time to be still and plant new seeds of desire. During a new moon, it serves us to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in one’s life where  positive change is desired. Moon rituals are times to get quiet and be one with the energy of Mother Nature.

For the New Moon ritual, it is important to clean and organize one’s space; the temple area or altar of one’s Sanctuary. While doing this, we burn juniper or cedar, use our singing bowls and bang our gongs to clear energy.

We call upon our connections to the Divine Sources, and connect with each of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. With the air element, we naturally have the wind and the cedar smudge. With the fire element, we light our caldron. We have water to balance the fire; and the Earth is with us as we walk the earthen path of the Ankh Labyrinth.

Within the sacred space of our Labyrinth and Sanctuary we can sit, or walk, and visualize what is wished to come to fruition. We place the intention to stay open to the elements and experiences entering our lives.

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In our Refuge of Rescue we believe that once one befriends an animal (and sometimes saves an animal as one of our dedicants did recently) these animals can become a soul friend. During this recent New Moon ritual, we were blessed with the appearance of a very young King Snake. We are truly honored to have Wadjet in our Sanctuaries and Shrines to protect us and nurture Nature. This was a special blessing for the New Moon.

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