The Harvest of the Full Moon

Our Full Moon Ceremony, during the Harvest Moon, this last week was particularly special. We began the evening with an opening processional by ringing the ceremonial bell; this was followed by the banging of our rather large gong, and then carrying our small singing bowls as we walked the Ankh Labyrinth.

DSC03128 (2)

After completing a quiet mediation through the labyrinth, we began our harvest. The high priestess and priest were in attendance at the Iseum Sanctuary of Marin in Northern California. The High Priestess led the group on a circuitous walk across the wooden entry bridge and up the embankment below the Bast House.  In this location there is a  profusion of lavender, juniper, cedar and sage.  The Iseum Sanctuary of Marin has been in existence since 2011 and was originally called the Sage Sanctuary.

All the plants seemed to be awaiting the harvest. The lavender flowers were growing dry and the green was fading from the leaves. These plants grow profusely wild throughout our Sanctuary. After they are harvested much of the plant still remains, and they naturally return every spring.


We gathered lavender, sage, and rosemary – which also grows wildly and profusely throughout the Sanctuary.

Now as the moon wanes, we continue to collect and harvest various plants at the Sanctuary. We also harvest fallen Manzanita branches, burls and roots from dead trees.

We are stocking the workshop for the artisans at our Sanctuary as they are beginning to create our ceremonial smudges, which are particularly powerful and the scents are divine. Once finished, we use these smudges for cleansing and purification as well as facilitating harmonious, peaceful and loving energy.  These smudges will become available soon.