Prayer to Anubis in Honor of our Beloved Magus

O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
Michael Angelo has entered the gates to your realm,
And we ask that you deem him worthy.
His spirit is a brave one,
And his soul is an honorable one.
O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
As you take his measure,
And weigh his heart as he stands before you,
Know that he was loved by many,
And will be remembered by all.
Anubis, welcome Michael Angelo and deem him worthy of entrance,
That he may walk through your realm,
And be under your protection for all eternity.
O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
Watch over Michael Angelo as he comes before you.

(From Ancient Egyptian Prayer)


Anubis is the god that protected the dead on their path through the underworld. Prayers to Anubis are found carved on the most ancient tombs in Egypt. He was responsible for overseeing the mummification process, testing the dead in their knowledge of the gods and goddesses, and guiding souls to the Hall of Maat. The ancient Egyptians believed that to enter the afterlife (a heavenly place) one’s heart had to be as light as, or lighter than, a feather. By doing many good deeds during one’s lifetime, one would achieve a light heart. On the way to the afterlife,  Anubis would weigh the soul’s heart and Thoth  recorded the findings; and if the heart was as a light as a feather, one passed Maat’s test, and entered the afterlife.


Michael Angelo’s heart must be light as a feather, he gave so much joy, fun, and beauty to the world. Here he is passing through the gateway to Maat on the way to the Afterlife