Hymn to Geb, God of the Earth

To Geb, Great One who is of the earth,
We offer our praise
First-born of Tefnut and storm-shunning Shu,
Beloved of Nut of the star-strewn sky,
O Geb who lies far beneath heaven’s vault,
Kept ever apart from your dark-cloaked love
By the strength of your sire, Shu the lord of the air
Such is your solitude, such is your sorrow.
O god of the field and the reedy marsh,
O nourisher of life, sustainer of existence,
O father of snakes, O fairest of geese,
Yours is the seed within the soil,
Yours too the first of the green spring shoots;
Yours is the harvest for which we hope,
The life for which we pray.
O Geb who grants us the gift of growth,
We call to you with gratitude,
We look to you in awe.


Geb was the Egyptian god of the Earth and a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis. As the God of Vegetation, he was shown with green patches or plants on his body. As the Earth, he is seen lying beneath the sky goddess Nut, leaning on one elbow, with a knee bent toward the sky, representing the mountains and valleys of the Earth.


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