Homage to Khonsu the Light of the Moon

Khonsu is one of the most ancient Egyptian Gods of the Moon. His name means traveler reflecting the fact that the Moon travels across the night sky. Khonsu is also known as the Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender, as he would watch over those who travel at night.

As the God of Light in the night, Khonsu was invoked to protect against wild animals, and aid with healing. The Bentresh Stele tells of a magical healing performed by Khonsu and his Oracle Statue.

On the night of the full moon, pray to Khonsu to help cultivate wisdom, increase healing powers, and protect the weak.

A Hymn to Khonsu

Hail unto thee, O Messenger of the Gods!
Khonsu, the traveler of the night sky,
Who traveleth through the heaven like Thoth.
Mut-Bast is thy mother
And Amen-Ra-Temu-Kephra is thy father,
Thou makest women fruitful,
And makest the human germ to grow
in thy mothers womb.

Thou art the Moon, the light -bearer,
The moon by night, and the lord of Ma’at.

Thou art great and mighty oh Moon God,
Khonsu, messenger of the Great Gods,
Traveler of the night sky in the form of the Moon.

Thou art a child in the morning, an old man in the evening,
a youth in the beginning of the year
who cometh as a child after he becometh infirm,
who reneweth his births like the disk.

Thou art the Great God, the Lord of Heaven,
Lord of Gods, Khonsu-Nefer-Hetep-Tehuti,
Lord of Annu, Lord of rest, Chief Mabi,
Peace, peace, O Gracious One,
Who art peace, and who love peace.

Thou art the Great God, Khonsu,
the Mighty, who cometh forth from Nut.

Thou art the sun at sunrise and the moon.

Thou art Khonsu the chronographer,
who holdest the stylus in thy right hand.

Thou art Khonsu-Nefer-Hetep
who hast absolute power over all evil spirits
which infest the earth, air, sea, and sky.

Protect us from pain, sickness, and disease. Protect us from decay, madness, and death.

We invoke thee.

Show us thy Wisdom.

Thou makest the plants to grow and the fruit to ripen,
and animals to conceive.

Thou whom the Gods adore.

Thou art the God of love whom men and women adore.

Thou art Healer and Powerful in Magic!
Protect us!

Accept our offerings, O Great Moon -God Khonsu,
who lives forever.