Hymn to Sekhmet-Bastet Goddess of Protection

The Goddess Sekhmet-Bastet is recognized in many ways; Sekhmet is known predominately around creating and putting out Fires, while Bastet is the Goddess of Protection. Sekhmet-Bastet is “the One Who loves Ma’at” and “She Who detests unrighteousness.”

HYMN TO THE GODDESS SEKHMET-BASTET from the Temple of the Hathor at Dendera.
(cfr. Dendera III 184-185)

Sekhmet-Bastet, She Who has Power over the host of beings,
Sekhmet the Daughter of the Great God Ra,
the Brilliant One,
the Powerful One,
the Fierce One,
the Shining One,
the Appeased Lady of Offerings,
the Lady of Transformations on the forehead of Ra Who begot Her,
the Only Uraeus of many faces Who overthrows or Who gives Life to him who is under Her dominion,
Her Divine Emissaries act in accordance with what She says

This is a time for reflection and contemplation of Sekhmet, the fierce Fire Goddess; with prayers that the benevolent face of Bastet will come forth and protect those in need.

Hieroglyphics, Dendera Temple (Temple of Hathor), Dendera, Egypt
Hieroglyphics, Dendera Temple (Temple of Hathor)