Honoring the Deities of the Days

There are well over 1500 Ancient Egyptian Deities and we wish to honor a a deity of each day. Starting with January 1, 2022, we honor Thoth, the God of writing and wisdom, truth and integrity, who seems more than appropriate to be our first deity of the day. Thoth was one of the most … Continue reading Honoring the Deities of the Days

Winter Solstice 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Greetings to you all with many Blessings of the Season! We hope you are warm by your hearth and have joy in your hearts as you gather and share time with your kindred spirits, both human and animal friends. Speaking of animal friends, Re my large feline companion has just blessed and messed … Continue reading Winter Solstice 2021 Newsletter

Blessings of Healing and Protecting Animals

These Wildlife Blessings are inspired by the Fellowship of Isis' “Autumn: Litany of the Earth.” It spreads blessings to all animals through eight deities that relate directly to living animals and their dwelling places. In these blessings, we focus on the deities of animals relating to Ancient Egypt. Blessings of Healing, Strengthening and Protecting Animals: … Continue reading Blessings of Healing and Protecting Animals

A Hymn to Mother Aset from the Shelwit Temple

The Shelwit Temple of Isis (Deir el-Shelwit) is an ancient Egyptian temple which stands on the West bank of the Nile at Luxor. Today much of the temple is in ruins however the inside of the main building has well preserved reliefs. One of these inscriptions is a Hymn to Isis. This Isis temple is … Continue reading A Hymn to Mother Aset from the Shelwit Temple

Fall Equinox 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I am very pleased to report that we now have over 2000 Donors and Members, plus their animal companions, from all over the world; from Ireland to South Africa and Canada to Australia, bridging both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We give thanks to the caretakers and guardians of our Shrines, Sanctuaries, and … Continue reading Fall Equinox 2021 Newsletter

Sekhmet-Bast-Re, Mother of the Gods

The Ancient Egyptians were very fond of cats, as I have shared in several posts. The worship of cats began with Sekhmet, over 5000 years ago, the fierce Goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re. She was believed to be the Mother of Gods and a creator goddess … Continue reading Sekhmet-Bast-Re, Mother of the Gods

Bastet, the Goddess of Protection

The Goddess Bastet was originally depicted as a savage lioness warrior goddess (circa 3000 BCE) who had the role of protecting the Pharaohs. After 1000 BCE, the Egyptians altered her image to the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Along with her change in appearance, she was also transformed into a … Continue reading Bastet, the Goddess of Protection

Goddess Hathor: Hymn to the Lady of Dance

The rites and worship of the Goddess Hathor, "The Golden Goddess" and "The Lady of Dance" were heavily associated with the performance of dance and music. The power of music and movement were used to transport the worshiper into an ecstatic encounter with the Divine. The ecstatic nature of the dancing performed for the Goddess … Continue reading Goddess Hathor: Hymn to the Lady of Dance

Hymn to the Goddess Meretseger, the Peak of the West

The Ancient Egyptians worshiped Meretseger, the Theban Cobra-Goddess in charge with guarding and protecting the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Meretseger's name means "She Who Loves Silence" in reference to the silence of the desert cemetery area she watched over or, according to another interpretation, she was "Beloved of Him Who … Continue reading Hymn to the Goddess Meretseger, the Peak of the West

A Hymn of Praise to Isis-Hathor

The following hymn of praise to Aset (Isis) is found in the Sanctuary of Her Temple at Philae. Praise to you Isis-Hathor,God's mother, Lady of Heaven,Mistress of Abaton*, Queen of the gods. You are the divine mother of Horus,The Mighty Bull, protector of his father,Who causes the rebels to fall. Praise to you Isis-Hathor,God's mother, … Continue reading A Hymn of Praise to Isis-Hathor