Sekhmet-Bast-Re, Mother of the Gods

The Ancient Egyptians were very fond of cats, as I have shared in several posts. The worship of cats began with Sekhmet, over 5000 years ago, the fierce Goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re. She was believed to be the Mother of Gods and a creator goddess as well as being associated with the magical arts of healing and medicine. Sekhmet was called the “Eye of Re” as were Hathor and Bast. As time went on she became identified with Bast and the following is a prayer to Sekhmet-Bast-Re.


Hail to thee, Sekhmet-Bast-Re, Mother of the gods,
Bearer of Wings, Lady of the Anes-cloth, Mistress of the Two Crowns,

Only One, Chief one of her father!
the gods did not exist before her.

Great one of magic in the Boat of Millions,
Holy one appearing on the Throne of Silence,

Lady of the Tomb-chamber,
Mother in the horizon of heaven, beloved, trampling down evil,

Offerings are in thy hand.
Thou art standing at the prow of the Boat of thy father to overthrow the foe.

Thou placest Truth at the prow of his Boat.
Thou art the divine Flame,

Thou art the great Flame at the prow of the Boat of thy father.
Praise to thee who art mightier than the gods.

~Translated by E. A. Wallis Budge

Like the homes of the Ancient Egyptians, the Iseum Sanctuaries are blessed with many (rescue) cats who are honored guardians of our sanctuaries.