Anhur, the Warrior Sky God

Anhur was a warrior sky-god whose primary worship center was near Abydos. His name literally means “He Who Brings Back The Distant Goddess” which is a reference to the story about his retrieval of the Eye of Re from Nubia. Different versions of the legend feature different feline goddesses, but the plot is always the same. The goddess becomes angry with the sun-god Re and, as the Eye of Re, goes forth from Egypt and transforms into a lion. Anhur hunts the lion Goddess, captures it, and returns it to Re where it transforms into Menhit (or Tefnut) who then becomes his consort.

Anhur was considered a warrior-aspect of Re and associated with the sky god Shu.
Due to his position as a war god, he was patron god of the ancient Egyptian army, and the personification of royal warriors. His image appeared on the banners of the warriors as he led them to war, protected them in battle, and brought them safely home.

The Egyptians held festivals honoring him where mock battles were staged.

He became very popular during the New Kingdom. Anhur was seen as a protector and savoir of the common people who would invoke him against enemies and noxious animals.

We honor Anhur the Warrior Sky God on January 16th